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About PTE Part 2 (Reading)

This page is about PTE Part 2 (Reading), which (as you probably guessed!), focuses on your reading skills. However, it is very important in the PTE test to remember that you will actually need to use (and will be tested on) more than just your reading.

This section of the PTE test takes between 32-40 minutes and contains 15-20 ‘independent and integrated skills items’ (this is just an unnecessarily fancy way of saying ‘different question types’).

A combination of any of the following different question types might appear in this section of the test:

The tasks in part 2 of the PTE test are designed to test your ability to read, write and listen to information provided in English.

Because PTE Academic tests integrated skills, one item type in this part of the test also assesses writing skills (Reading & Writing Fill in the Blanks). Later in this course we will now look at the different types of task you may need to complete in more detail (or you can click the links in the list above).



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About PTE Part 2 (Reading)

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About PTE Part 2 (Reading)