CEFR Level B1 vocabulary: ACCUMULATE

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CEFR Level B1 Vocabulary: ACCUMULATE

This word is from CEFR Level B1 list 4

MEANING: To gather, pile, collect.
EXAMPLE: Over his long career, he had accumulated a large number of awards.
STRESS: ac-CUM-u-late
Pronunciation (click the play button below)

Quick test. Rearrange the words below to create an accurate sentence. HINT: The capital letters and full stops can help you rebuild the sentence!
1. accumulate / difficult / Dust / clean. / to / areas / it / in / is / where / can

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Dust can accumulate in areas where it is difficult to clean.

2. the / wealth world, / people / In / focus / too / lifestyle. / than / much / on / accumulating / some / rather  / a / good / material

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In the material world, some people focus too much on accumulating wealth rather than a good lifestyle.

3. people / throw / away, / this / useless / results / them / Some / accumulating / an / in / increasing / amount / never / and / of / items. / things

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Some people never throw things away, and this results in them accumulating an increasing amount of useless items.

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