CEFR Level B2 vocabulary: ABANDON

CEFR Level B2 Vocabulary: ABANDON

This word is from CEFR Level B2 list 2

MEANING: to withdraw support from, to stop trying to continue something.
EXAMPLE (verb): The fishermen had to abandon their ship and escape to safety because of the storm.
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Quick test. Is the use of abandon correct in these sentences?
1. There were difficulties in getting enough workers spare parts, so the project was abandoned.
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This is a good use of abandon.

2. They had to go even though he hadn’t finished, so he abandoned the last of his coffee.
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This is not correct. The most suitable word here would be ‘left’.

3. They abandoned the baby outside the hospital.
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This is a a good use of abandon.

4. He abandoned the baby at the child care centre until 4pm and went to work.
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This is not correct. To abandon means to leave completely, but ion this sentence the man is returning at 4pm.