CEFR Level B2 vocabulary: PHASE

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CEFR Level B2 Vocabulary: PHASE

This word is from CEFR Level B2 list 3

CEFR Level B2 vocabulary: PHASE

MEANING: A stage of development
EXAMPLE: Many children go through a phase of disobeying their parents.
Pronunciation (click the play button below)
Quick exercise:
Which one of these sentences uses phase INCORRECTLY?
1. She decided last week that she’s not eating meat anymore, but I think it’s just a phase.
2. The first phase of the movie was good, but then it became boring.
3. In the third phase of the project, we will be looking for feedback from clients.
Show the incorrect sentence

Sentence 2 is INCORRECT. Phase is not used to talk about a period of time, it is a stage of development.

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