CEFR Level B2 vocabulary: SCHEDULE

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This word is from the IELTS Band 7.0 vocabulary list.
WORD FAMILY: noun and verb
MEANING: plan, timetable, programme.
EXAMPLE (verb): I scheduled the appointment for the 23rd.
EXAMPLE (noun): He will be on a very busy schedule during his business trip.
This is a Band 7.0 word – for a full list of band 7.0 words as well as additional exercises, take a look here.
Pronunciation (click the play button below) NOTE: this is the British English pronunciation.


In the following sentences, is SCHEDULE used as a noun or a verb?
1. He checked the schedule to see if he was working at the weekend.

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This is a NOUN.
2. He was scheduled to speak at the conference, but he cancelled at the last minute.

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This is a VERB.
3. The project was not completed on time, but this was partly because the steps were not clearly scheduled.

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This is a VERB.

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