CEFR Level B2 vocabulary: SUSPEND

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CEFR Level B2 vocabulary: SUSPEND

CEFR Level B2 vocabulary: SUSPEND
CEFR Level B2 vocabulary: SUSPEND is from CEFR Level B2 list 2
MEANING: exclude for a period of time, temporarily not allowed to join or be a part of something.
EXAMPLE: Children who misbehave at school are often suspended from class as punishment.
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Practice using IELTS Vocabulary: SUSPEND
Complete the following sentences using the correct form of the verb ‘suspend’.
1. He was caught stealing supplies from his workplace, so he for two weeks without pay – he starts back again next week.
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has been suspended (was suspended is also correct)
2. The police officer should not have been involved in yesterday’s arrest because he for an earlier incident.
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had been suspended
3. He’s going to the headmaster’s office now. Judging by the angry look on the headmasters face, I think he .
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is going to be suspended
4. Due to the temporary shortage in paper, unnecessary use of the photocopier .
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has been suspended
5. John’s been told to go straight to the office this when he comes in to work tomorrow. Do you think he for taking the day off without letting the boss know?
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will be suspended
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