CEFR Level C1 vocabulary: EQUIVALENT

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CEFR Level C1 Vocabulary: LACK

This word is from CEFR Level C1 list 3

MEANING:  the same or equal to something else
EXAMPLE: One US dollar is equivalent to about 65p in the UK.
STRESS: e-QUIV-a-lent
Pronunciation (click the play button below)

Quick test. Are the sentences below CORRECT or INCORRECT?
1. If the item is broken, we will refund your money or offer an equivalent replacement.
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This is correct

2. In some countries, $1000 is equivalent to a full month’s wages.
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This is correct

3.  (In a restaurant talking to a waiter)  ‘I’ll have the steak please.’ ‘Yes, I’ll have the equivalent too’.
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This is not correct – the speaker should have said ‘the same’  because the speaker is not comparing it to something else

4. The Empire State Building is equivalent to the Eiffel Tower in France – they are both tall, well known landmarks.
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This is correct

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