CEFR Level C1 vocabulary: TRANSFORM

CEFR Level C1 Vocabulary: TRANSFORM

This word is from CEFR Level C1 list 1

VOCABULARY: transform
MEANING: A large change in how something looks
EXAMPLE: Industrial areas can be transformed into beautiful park areas
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Quick exercise:
Complete the sentences below using the correct form of TRANSFORM
1. She stopped eating so many sweet foods and exercised a lot and it has completely ________ her – she looks so slim and healthy!
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transformed (the sentence uses the present perfect, so the third form of the verb needs to be used).
2. Caterpillars ________ into butterflies.
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transform (this is a fact, so needs the present simple form of the verb)
3. She’s a great artist – she _________ old pieces of metal into amazing sculptures.
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transforms (this is the present simple for routines and habits, used in the 3rd person)