CEFR Level C2 vocabulary: ALLEVIATE

CEFR Level C2 Vocabulary: ALLEVIATE

This word is from CEFR Level C2 list 2
CEFR Level C2 Vocabulary: ALLEVIATE
MEANING: to make pain, suffering or a problem less severe
EXAMPLE: The government is building more houses to alleviate the problem of homelessness, but there will not be enough to completely solve the problem.
STRESS: al-LEV-i-ate

Quick test! Is the grammar in these sentences correct?
Nasal sprays can alleviate the symptoms of hay fever.
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Yes, this is correct!

The government’s increased funding has alleviate the problem.
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N0, this is not correct. The tense should have been in the present perfect (has alleviated)

Stress can be alleviate by exercise such as yoga.
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N0, this is not correct. Because ‘can’ is a modal verb, it should have been followed by be + the past participle.

A lot of different ideas have been presented to show how the government alleviates the problem in the future.
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N0, this is not correct. The sentence refers to the future, so either the future simple (will alleviate) or a different expression (plans to alleviate) is needed.

The bushfires fires have been burning for over a week now, and not even last night’s heavy rain alleviated the problem.
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Yes, this is correct.

The tension was somewhat alleviates by his good sense of humour.
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No, this is not correct. This is a passive sentence, so it should be the participle form (was alleviated)

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