CEFR Level C2 vocabulary: PREDOMINANT

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CEFR Level C2 Vocabulary: PREDOMINANT

This word is from CEFR Level C2 list 3
CEFR Level C2 Vocabulary: PREDOMINANT
WORD FAMILY: adjective
MEANING: strongest or main; having the most control or power.
EXAMPLE: It can be argued that the predominant cause of crime is poverty.
STRESS: pre-DOM-i-nant

Quick test! Is the grammar in these sentences correct?
The predominant part of my job is customer care.
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Yes, this is correct!

Women are predominant in the nursing profession.
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Yes, this is correct!

The religion that are predominant in the area is Christianity.
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N0, this is not correct. In this case, the ‘predominant’ religion is singular, so it should be ‘is predominant’

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