The past continuous – quick test 1

Instruction: Choose the correct tense form from either simple past or past continuous.

Conversation 1

Peter: Iyou yesterday but you didn’t answer.
John: What time did you call?
Peter: At about 11 in the morning.
John: Ah. I think Ia shower then.
Peter: At 11 o’clock?! That’s so late!
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called | was taking

Conversation 2

Kate: Did you hear the thunder last night?
Mary: Yeah! It was so loud! It woke me up. Iwhen the storm came. Now I feel really tired.
Kate: Well, I was with Jenny and wefor our exam when the storm came. We couldn’t concentrate and now we’re not prepared!
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was sleeping | were studying

Conversation 3

Tom: Wow. The weather is horrible! It is raining so heavily!
Larry: Yeah. Have you seen Jeff today? He is so wet!
Tom: I know! Heto work today butan umbrella.
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was walking | didn’t take

Conversation 4

Lisa: Did you hear Lisa got into a car accident?
Kelly: No?! Really?? Is she ok??
Lisa: Yeah, luckily she’s fine.
Kelly: How did it happen?
Lisa: Well, she was looking at her phone when she. I guess at that time she wasn’t looking / didn’t look at the road.
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Conversation 5

Mark: Hey, John. I saw you running yesterday when Ifor a bus. I called out to you but you didn’t turn around!
John: Oh, hi Mark.  Ito music when you called out. I always listen to music when I’m jogging and I can’t hear anything else!
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was waiting | was listening

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