English for business meetings at Level B2

English for business meetings at Level B2In this lesson, we will look at English for business meetings at Level B2. Although you may not need English in a business setting, being able to understand the language commonly used can be important in different situations – even if it just means you understand what is happening in a movie!

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As you work through this lesson, we will look at different aspects of business meetings:

  • starting a business meeting
  • keeping the meeting on topic
  • contributing / being asked to contribute to a meeting
  • inviting people to say more
  • asking for feedback / opinions
  • closing the meeting

With the increasing popularity of online meetings, we will also look at some of the language commonly used when you’re not in the same room as the other meeting participants (for example, Zoom or Skype meetings).

If you find that there is something we haven’t covered in this lesson but you want to know more about, then let us know in the comments sections at the bottom of the page (you’ll need to be logged in to post a comment).

Ready? Let’s begin with the first page on English for business meetings – how to start the meeting.

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