Practise using prepositions of time at Level B2

Practise using prepositions of time at Level B2Practise using prepositions of time at Level B2.

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2 thoughts on “Practise using prepositions of time at Level B2”

  1. Hello Sir/Mam,
    Sending you copy paste of exercise. Becoz, After correcting from answers , still now it is showing wrong. Kindly make it clear What is wrong / right. Thank you very much.

    Dear marketing team,

    I am sharing some information with you regarding our training day which is being held 1.
    Friday 26th August.

    We will start the workshop 2.
    10 am, so please make sure you are in the conference room 3.
    we are due to get going.

    We will be ordering catering for lunch so please advise me 4.
    the next 48 hours if you have any special requirements (vegetarian, gluten-free etc).

    We have not finalised working group details yet, but I will confirm that information 5.
    (IN,WITHIN) the next day or so.

    Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

    Tom Green

    Training Manager

    Ms. Rohini Singh

    • Hi Rohini,

      I’ve just tested this exercise again and it seems to be working as intended. Is the IN/WITHIN option for question 4 and 5 causing confusion? If so, it just means that EITHER answer would be marked as correct for this 2 questions.

      Hope that helps!

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