Classifying and matching

Classifying and matching questions have a list of options that need to be paired with a statement. There are minor differences between matching questions and classifying questions, and these will be covered later in the course. Here are some examples:

NOTE: This is an example only – there is no recording.

Type 1: Matching

Questions 16 – 19

Match a department with a person.

A. Paul Smith
B. Dr David Laurens
C. Susanne DeVille
D. Dr Anne Kellon

Write the correct letter A-D next to questions 16-19.

16. Shipping department
17. Research and Development
18. Marketing
19. Sales

Type 2: Classifying

Questions 36 – 40

Which departments of the polytechnic help students in the following ways?

A.    the library
B.    the learning centre
C.    the department the student is studying their course under
D.    the academic office

Write the correct letter A-D next to questions 36-40. Each letter may be used more than once.

36.    Request for remarking of submitted work
37.    Requests for recognition of prior learning
38.    Orientation of library resources
39.    Ordering of additional academic resources
40.    Arrangement of Student ID cards

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