Multiple choice questions

There are 2 types of multiple choice questions. With one type, you need to find the most appropriate ending for a statement from three or four choices. With the other type, you need to select the answer to question. The skills you use vary slightly depending on which type of multiple choice question it is, and this is covered in the Multiple Choice question latter in the course.

Below are examples of each type of multiple choice question.

NOTE: This is an example only – there is no recording.

Type 1:

Question 25

Choose the correct letter A-C

25. The market is open on…

A.    Thursdays and Sundays.
B.    Thursdays and Saturdays.
C.    Saturday only.

Type 2:

Question 26

Choose the correct letter A-C

26. Why does James believe the company was right not to focus on an older market?

A.    There are more potential customers in the younger category.
B.    They are more suspicious about newer companies.
C.    The investment in marketing is too high.

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