Free General Training IELTS writing test 1

Task 1

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

A family member is coming to stay with you. He/she will be arriving by train in the morning, but you won’t be home until the evening.

Write a letter to your relative. In your letter:

  • explain arrangements you have made for them to have keys and get into the house
  • tell your relative how to get from the train station to your house
  • say when you will be home and suggest what you could do together that evening

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:


Write at least 150 words.

Task 2
You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

In some countries, people who commit less serious crimes are made to undertake community service* instead of a prison sentence. Some people believe that all people who have committed a crime should be sent to prison.

Do you agree or disagree?
*compulsory work helping the community, such as decorating public facilities, which they must carry out in their spare time for a given period.

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30 thoughts on “Free General Training IELTS writing test 1”

  1. Well in My opinion I would say that a crime is a crime and the punishment should be given accordingly ,No crime is big or small , Putting a Person in prison makes him or her feel the wrong they have committed and it gives them a scare of never to commit that crime again .
    If a person after doing a crime is given community service to do He or She would not take the punishment seriously and might keep committing that crime again and again as they know they would get away easily with it . If I could just say that a criminal starts his criminal carrier by doing small crimes and then builds up the courage of doing bigger crimes by time so its better to Imprison a person for his or her wrong doings.
    Just to add on to it the crime situation in the world is very bad right now as the criminals have a lot of ways of getting away from being put to Prison with the help of Lawyers , Money and human rights ,so criminals have become very courageous and are not afraid of punishment these days.

  2. Dear Nikita ,
    This is to inform You that in would not be able to come pick You up at the railway station as i have to go out of the city for some official work and I would be back by evening but not to worry as i have arranged a Car to come pick You up and drop You home , I have left the keys with my neighbour His name is Mr Verma and You can take it from them. Once You enter , You could put all Your luggage in the bedroom ,take a shower and then i have even kept some frozen food packets in the fridge which You can heat up in the microwave for Yourself ,If You have any doubt You can give me a call at any time. I would be back by seven in the evening then we could go out and have some drinks, music and dinner at the Local Pubs in the Mall . Make Yourself at home till then.

    Lots of Love ,

  3. I would love to agree for not punishing everyone for every crime they do as our government systems mean to change the wrong behavior of a person and not punish them aggressively for small crimes, but sometimes it can be dangerous it is very neceesar to know the mindset of a person before taking any such decision of allowing them to help in community services at sometimes it could be a good idea but if we think the other way it could encourage them to get away with such crimes everytime and they may become habitual. So i believe it is necessary to first counsel and see the way they think about the crimes and situations and hen consider the whether they should be allowed to get away by helping at community centres or whether they should be punished.
    If after counselling it is found that there are chances of the person to become better after just working for a noble cause theen it is better we don’t unnecessarily punish them, as the bottom line of our judiciary is to change the way they think and not just about suffering.
    The reasons should be evaluated and help them to overcome the habits of such crimes by anyone and make them a better person altogether

  4. Dear Ama,

    I’m glad you are coming, I’m sorry as I won’t be able to pick you you up from the station as I have a early morning meeting with a client.

    Well I have arranged for a cab from station to my house for you which is prepaid so you don’t have to worry about reaching my place. The cab would leave you near the park station next to my house.

    Once you are at my doorstep Ammy would be waiting for you at the deck to receive you she will handover my house keys to you.
    I have kept the door of the guest room open with breakfast and some snacks and fruits on the table and juices in the refrigerator and you can make yourself some fresh coffee as you like and relax till i come in the afternoon.

    Once I’m back in the afternoon we can go around the city for sightseeing and grab some quick lunch and in the evening I have planned our visit to a your favourite singer’s concert and after that we can just relax at home or have watch some movie if you aren’t tired.

    I’m looking forward to see you soon.

  5. Dear Mimi,

    I am so excited about your visit as I have longed to host you. Although, I will be at work by the time your train arrives, I have made arrangement for you to have access to the house. My neighbour, a very kind and friendly old lady, has the key to my apartment. We share the building so you just need to knock, tell her your name and she will hand over the keys.

    When you alight the train, you will see a cubicle where you can request for a taxi. Show the attendant my address and he/she will ensure your ride is out in few minutes. Rest assured, they are a tested and trusted company. The driver will take you to the address safely.

    I will ensure I round off as early as I can and should be home at 5pm. Make sure you rest well because we are going to have a long night catching up on old times over your favourite – chicken burger and juice.

    See you soon,

        • Dear Funmi,

          I am so excited you are coming to Lagos to spend the holiday with me, although I won’t be able to pick you up from the train station as I get off work later in the evening.

          when you get off the train take a taxi to the address with you, just show the address to the taxi driver. Underneath the flower pot at the door step is the key to the house, be sure to entertain yourself there is leftover food in the fridge.

          I will get off work at about 6.30pm so should be home before 7.30pm try and rest before I get home as we have dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant at 9pm.

          See you soon

  6. Dear Shiva,
    Writing this letter to inform you that unfortunately I won’t be able to receive you from the railway station due to a sudden food audit at my store due to which i have to be there, so what you can do is book a cab through Ola App and reach the address I have forwarded to you. You will find the key at Mrs. Pinto’s place my neighbour . Once you are inn take bath, i have kept some food in the fridge and have some rest . I will be home by 19:30hrs and after that as promised to you will go to mall where we can have some drinks and dinner and post to all this will watch a movie. I am really excited to meet you brother.


  7. Dear Uncle,
    I am writing this to inform you about my sudden business meeting which will be on the same day when you’ll arrive at my place. Although it is an awkward situation for both of us, as I am not going to receive my guests from the station to home.
    With utmost respect, I need your devoutness about some arrangements which I’d plan to make pay off my absence and will make yourself comfortable throughout the distance from the station to my home. First of all, I’d book a car for you which will help to reach you into my house from the station, It will be a black Honda car with comfortable and relaxing seats with a big enough trunk to keep your two suitcases within. You’ll get the car of course with the help of the driver’s number which I will give you. After reaching my house you will see a foot mat in front of the entrance door there will be a key of my house under the foot mat, you’ll get it from there and enter into my house. I will also make lunch for you in the fridge you’ll just get it from there and put it into the microwave it and then eat it and take some rest until I’ll come.
    I will be home at around 6:00 in the evening so that after I’ll fresh we will go together for a dinner in the most popular restaurant and will eat your favorite dish “Sushi” which I was planning to eat it from a long time but with the busy life schedule, I didn’t get enough time to go there. After dinner, we will then hangout in the nearest club for some fun.
    Lastly, I am so sorry for the inconvenience which you will be facing on your arrival day but I will make sure that after this we will spend the whole week together and enjoy every moment of it. Till then take care of yourself.
    Yours loving

  8. Dear Simran,
    I am very excited that you will be soon here. But unfortunately, due to an important meeting with my manager at office i will not be able to pick you up from railway station .
    Well, I told my neighbours about your visit so she will be there to pick you up and she have the door keys . At ground flood just right to the kitchen there is room with hanging little lamps . son feel free to relax thera and have a shower . In refrigerator i put lemonade as well orange juice for you . at the top shelf of refigerator I make your favourite pasta for you.
    Don’t feel so lonely i will be there a 5:00 o clock so we will go to the nearest plaza and do shopping and for the dinner its surprise for you.
    Well, I have more plans and have a safe jouney.
    Your Bestfriend

  9. Dear Jane,
    I am very excited that you are going to Vancouver to stay with me and Chloe for three months, Chloe already cleaned up her room to welcome you.
    Unfortunately, next Tuesday when you arrive, Chloe and I we won’t be home by the time you arrived to greet you, because Chloe will have her group project until late night, I also attend my company’ event until 6 PM, and probably will be home around 7 PM.
    When you arrive to Vancouver train station, there is a direction board outside the exit gate A. You need to follow the shuttle bus direction and purchase a bus ticket, it cost $15 to the Metropolis station. Once you get off at Metropolis station, you can see the Wholefood supermarket sign at the corner of the street, you need to head to the supermarket then turn right at Pattison street, look for house 1152. You will be able to find the house key under the flowerpot at the right side of the door. Feel free to explore our house and take a rest in Chloe’s room, I will take you out for dinner after I get home tonight; I am thinking of a sushi restaurant where they have the freshness seafood in town. After dinner we can go for a movie night at my friend’s place, I will introduce you with my friends.
    Wish you have a safe trip, I cannot wait to see you on Tuesday night, if you need to purchase anything in advance please let us know, me and Chloe we will get it ready for you.

    Best Regard,
    Sophie Lee

  10. Dear Aman,
    I hope you are doing great. I am so excited to see you tomorrow, but a bit worried that I won’t be home until evening as I have an urgent meeting in my office.
    However, I told my neighbour to give you the keys of my house and she will also prepare breakfast for you. Moreover, there is a lot of stuff in the refigerator that will help you when you feel hungry. I will be happy to share my room with you that is just to right of the entrance.
    Once you arrive at the railway station, you will find Mandy, my best friend, who will drop you to my house. He will stay with you until I come back and he will entertain you with his silly jokes.
    I will be back home at 6 p.m and I guess we should go for dinner in a fine restaurant and what about late night walk? Be ready for a wonderful time. Have a safe journey.
    Warm wishes.
    Navneet Kaur

  11. Dear Ganesh,

    I am so happy that you would be coming here for spending your Diwali vacation on Tuesday. But unfortunately I won’t be available to receive you at the airport. I have a due client meeting at Lower Parel and would not be able to reach Nerul until late evening, say about 7:30 pm. But do not worry, I have made few arrangements for you.

    I have booked Uber cab for you approximately 30 minutes from your arrival time at the airport. Also I have made all the payments and you shall get all the information about the taxi and the driver number on your cell phone. Once you exit Mumbai airport, you would need to walk a bit to your right side and the taxi would be awaiting for you. You could call him anytime, once at the exit. It should take about 45 minutes to reach my home. The keys are with my neighbor, Flat 12 – Mrs. Kapoor. I have told her about your arrival and she will give you the keys. The bed is set, in case you wish to relax, and there’s food in the fridge. The snacks are placed on the shelf in the kitchen. Make yourself at home, Ganesh!

    Once I reach home, I’ve made reservation for us at Pritam’s Dhabba for dinner. I remember it’s your favorite place and hence wanted to take you there to eat their spicy food before we actually begin the Diwali celebrations and eat sweets.

    I’m so excited as you are. Awaiting for the Tuesday evening. Hope you have a safe and sound travel. See you soon, Ganesh!

    Best Wishes,

  12. Dear Brother,

    I am excited to meet you at the weekend. But unfortunately, I will not be able to pick you from the railway station due to my hectic work schedule.

    However, no worries, I have done an alternative arrangement to handle the situation nicely.

    First up all, once you reach the railway station, come to the entrance where you could find pre-paid autos, provide them my home address which I shared through whats up, hardly it will take 9 to 10 minutes. Since I will not be at home, i will handover the key to the security room with sufficient information about you so that you can come and collect the key from them. My house number is 1021, it is on the 10th floor. By the way, safer side brings a photo identity proof to show to them which will help them to confirm that you are the right person

    I hope that I will be reaching the house around 7.30 PM so that we can go to our uncle’s house where we can meet our grandfather who is sick now.

    I can’t wait anymore. See you soon !!!!

    Best wishes,

    • Hi John,

      You’ve answered the question with some good vocabulary and a suitable register for a letter to a family member. Some expressions are not quite right though – ‘no worries’ normally refers to your yourself, so in this case ‘not to worry’ would suit better. Also be careful of collocations – make an arrangement, not done an arrangement.

      Hope that helps, but for a band score and full corrections, why not join us at

  13. Dear Sarah ,
    Hello and welcome to Jeddah im very exciting to meet you , and im very sorry to tell you that i cannot arrive you because my boss gave me an extra work until evening so i will explain to you how to come from train until my home.

    First you will take a car and your going to tell him to arrive you in AlRawda thats my neighborhood name and tell him to take the shorter way , and dont forget the number of the house is 21 dont worry i left for you the keys under the carpet .

    I will arrive home at 8:30 pm and i will bring your favorite pizza then we have to sleep early because tomorrow im going to take you to see the famous place in jeddah its called albalad its very old place since 647 until now im not going to give you more information about the place now but i will tell you when you see it.

    Have a save trip

  14. Dear Emma,

    I’m really looking forward to your arrival tomorrow! I hope your journey runs smoothly. When you arrive at the station, make your way to the front exit. It should be sign posted ‘Nottingham Road’. Outside you will see a taxi rank to your left. There are normally taxi’s waiting, but if not, you should only have to wait a few minutes. Make sure you remember to bring my address with you! It shouldn’t cost more than $5 and it will be easier than walking with your luggage!

    Once you arrive at my house, you will find a key that I have left for you in the lock box next to the front door. The code is 5555. I have left some milk and bacon in the fridge and some bread on the side for you. Please make yourself at home!

    I finish work around 4.30pm but won’t be home until around 5pm (traffic depending). Ben is out at hockey tonight so we have two options. 1) Stay at home, put on our pajamas and open some wine, or 2) get dressed up, go out for dinner and go for a dance at Bar Revolution. I will leave it up to you to decide!

    I’m so excited to see you! I hope you have a safe journey and I will see you tomorrow.

    Love From

    • Generally good, but you haven’t explained that you will no longer be able to meet Emma ( to answer the ‘but you won’t be home until the evening.’ section of the question). You have assumed that she already knows this, but it needs to be clarified. Something like ‘Glad you are coming but unfortunately I won’t be able to meet you at the station because….’

  15. Dear Simin,

    I am so excited that you will be joining me here for your vacation and I have made all arrangement for your visit. Due to an unavoidable client visit, I will not able to pick you up from railway station .
    Once you get down from the train at North Station, the easiest and convenient way to reach our apartment is to take a taxi from the east end of railway station which is towards platform no 1. It is about ten minutes ride to our apartment by taxicab. I shall give the keys to my apartment to our next door neighbour Mr Khan .Hope you remember him from the last visit.
    I will reach home evening by 6 o clock and I promise to make it up to you for not picking up in morning as I have made a reservation for dinner for us at that Chinese restaurant that you loved from your last visit.
    I hope you will have a fantastic holiday and eagerly waiting for your arrival.

    • Hi Abdul,

      You’ve answered the question, but missing words and letters are a problem:
      – have made all arrangement (missing -s) for
      – will not (be) able to
      A little too formal in places too! If you’re looking for full correction and band score, come and visit us at

  16. Dear Mona,
    Hi! I hope you are doing great, and I can’t wait to meet and greet. I know I promised to pick you up by the train station, but I’m sorry to say that I would not be able to make it.
    Firstly, I am feeling a bit down and want to express my situation. Suddenly an urgent meeting appears that can’t be postponed, so I will back and meet you in the evening. This last-minute update might startle you, but My friend will contact you with my house keys. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    As I know, you love exploring new cities; With that in mind, I booked a cab with a tour guide. He is undoubtedly a great source to explore the city; I hope you will experience it out of the world.
    However, My surprises are not over yet! To heal any open wound from my absence, I want to take you out for dinner in Indo-Chinese restaurant, which is your absolute favourite. Afterwards, let’s head to the theatre and check out the recently released blockbuster movie.
    I can’t wait to spend time with you and make lifetime memories. See you soon.
    your cousin,

    • Hi Indu,

      Be careful with random capitalisation. Some of your grammar needs a little work – I WILL not be able to make, a sudden urgent meeting HAS apprearED, for example.

      You have answer the main points though, and if you’re looking for a band score and full corrections, come and join us at!

  17. Dear simar,
    I am very excited that you’ll soon be here. I am very sorry as I won’t be able to pick you up from the railway station as we have an important meeting at our office that day so I can’t take that day off. Well, Sandy, my neighbor living at apartment number 45 will be waiting for you since I have already informed her about your visit.
    There will be some food and almond milk in the refrigerator on the middle shelf and your bed will be made.
    However, I have asked my old friend Gurkirat, to come and pick you up from the station. I’m sure you remember him as he used to live next door to our old residence.
    Anyway, I’ll be home no later than 6 after finishing work, so I was thinking why we don’t go to any restaurant nearby for dinner and for some shopping at the close plaza.
    Well, that’s everything I guess. It’s going to be great catching up!
    Have a safe trip,

    • Hi Jasjot – be careful with the vocabulary. As this is a letter to a family member, it should be informal, so avoid formal expressions like ‘informed’. Overall though this is a good response – Band 7.0.

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