Free IELTS speaking tests

5 free IELTS speaking tests5 free IELTS speaking tests. Each IELTS speaking practice test has all 3 sections of the test, as well as model answers to compare your responses to. Before you get started with the speaking test, here are some notes that you might want to think about before starting the test.


  • When taking the speaking assessment, we recommend that you record yourself speaking using a mobile device or your computer. That way you can playback your responses.
  • Make sure to speak aloud – this will give you some practice for how long you will need to speak in the official test.
  • Make sure you have a pencil and paper so you can make notes in Part 2.

There are 5 complete IELTS speaking practice tests on this site, each with complete model answers. Make sure to spend time reviewing the model answers and make a note of any words or phrases you want to remember. You should also look up any words you don’t know to expand your vocabulary.

Right – let’s get started with the 5 free IELTS speaking tests! Scroll down to the ‘Course content’ section below to see the links for our free IELTS listening practice tests – we hope they help you achieve your goals!