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Now let’s look back at the paragraph from the previous exercise, starting from Step 3. When skimming you should have noted that the main message was something connected with availability of food, food production, survival, home and garden. Now we have these ideas in mind, we look at the headings. The first heading refers to the isolation in major cities. Although this is in the paragraph, it is only supporting information – it is not the theme of the whole paragraph. The words in the second heading can also be matched in the paragraph, but this is not correct because the importance of the black market is not mentioned, and this is again not the main message of the paragraph. These are examples of how scanning for keywords can lead you to select the wrong answer for this type of question. The third heading refers to motivation of garden based production. This matches the main message of the paragraph – the motivation is survival and food production, and garden based production matches the references to home and garden.

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