Video: Locating information and headings questions


In the previous exercise, we practiced a headings style question as introduced earlier in this course. Remember, with headings style questions you need to find a title that relates to the overall message of the paragraph. As we can see in Paragraph A, the information of the paragraph refers to how Tapsell’s influence was significant in the past and how that relates to his family today – his legacy – therefore the correct answer would be ‘The legacy of a Dane’. Paragraph B talks about his life as a child, his early career in shipping and his name change to Phillip Tapsell; the overall information in the paragraph is therefore an early biography. Another style of IELTS question is having to locate information in a paragraph and it is this type of question we will practice in this lesson. These questions are different to headings style questions in that you are not required to find the overall message of the paragraph but locate specific information that may only be a small section of what you read. In the next exercise, we will practice this using the same paragraphs.

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