Understanding prefixes in IELTS reading

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Understanding prefixes in IELTS readingUnderstanding prefixes in IELTS reading is an essential skill to get a good result. Here is a list of some of the more widely used prefixes in the IELTS reading test. Make a note of any that you do not know.

Once you have studied the prefix list, move on to the next part of the lesson.

AFTERFollowing behindAfternoon, afterthought
ANTE (SEE ALSO PRE)BeforeAntecedent, antenatal
ANTIAgainstAnticrime, antipollution, antivirus
AUTOSelf, sameAutobiography, automatic, autopilot
BENEGood, wellBenefactor, beneficial
BITwoBiannual, bicycle
BIOLife, living organismBiology, biophysics, biotechnology
EXFormerEx wife
GEOOf the earth, geographyGeography, geomagnetism, geophysics, geopolitics
HOMOSame or similarhomogenous
HYPERExcessive, excessivelyHyperactive, hypercritical, hypersensitive
HYPOUnderHypodermic (under the skin), hypothermia
INTERBetween, amongIntervene, international
INTRAInside, withinIntravenous, intranet
MALBad, badlyMalpractice, malformed, maladjusted
MICROSmallMicrocosm, microscope
MISWrongMisspell, misconception
MONOOne, single, aloneMonochrome, monosyllable, monoxide, monorail
MULTIMore than oneMultitude, multiverse
NONNotNon-reactive, non-smoker
OMNIAll, everywhereOmnipresent
PANAll around, worldwidePanorama, pandemic
POLYManyPolygamy, polygon
PRE (SEE ALSO ANTE)BeforePrecede, precursor
REBack, againRetreat, redo, reverse
RETROBackwardRetroactive, retrospective
SUBUnder, beneathSubway, submarine, substandard
SUPERAbove, overSuperior, supersensitive
SYNLike, sameSynonymous, synonyms, synchronise
THERMHeatThermometer, isotherm
TRANSMove from one to anotherTransport, transatlantic, translate
TRIThreeTriangle, tricycle, triplets

We hope this list will improve your skills for understanding prefixes in IELTS reading.

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