Video: Understanding the graph


Understanding the information. Before you can begin to prepare for your Task I essay, it is essential that you have a clear idea of exactly what the information is about. To do this, you need to look at the information carefully before you begin to write anything. Remember that not every graph is talking about percentages. When you first look at the information, you should get a general idea of what information is being presented. In this example, we can see that the graph refers to relaxation and hobbies. Next, look at the vertical axis. In this example you should note that the graph is referring to hours spent on relaxation or hobbies each week. Then look at the horizontal axis, which in this case refers to five different age groups. The next step to help you understand the information is to look for any other information that is given. This means noting that the columns in the chart refer to different continents – Europe, North America and Australasia. The final stage is to check whether any time scale is given. In this example, we are not given any specific time or date.

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