Video: Writing a plan


When writing Task I, you need an introduction, two or three body paragraphs and an ending. Writing an introduction and an ending will be covered in different lessons. In this lesson, we will look at preparing a plan for a body paragraph. Looking back at the graph we have just seen, one way to divide the information into paragraphs would be by continent. You could write about all ages groups in Europe for the first paragraph, North America for the second and Australasia for the third. Another option would be to divide the age groups into three, writing about those aged 0 to 18 and 19 to 38 in the first paragraph, those 39-45 and 46-60 in the second and those 60 plus in the third. A third option could be to use only two body paragraphs, first describing the downward trend from 0-18 and 19-38, then describing the upward trend of those from 39 all the way to 60+.


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