Video: Rephrasing using adjectives


Now let’s put some sentences together using the language of trends and adjectives to show speed and amount of change. Looking at this graph, we will prepare a sentence to describe the trend from March to April using this construction. The sentence typically starts with There was a or There was an, followed by an adjective of degree. The trend changed quickly when compared to the changes from January to February and February to March, so we can use the adjective dramatic. Next comes the trend noun. In this example, we are looking at an increase. In the graph, we can see that the columns are measuring sales. Finally, we have a time scale (from March to April). This sentence can be inverted so that we begin with the time scale as you can see in this example. However, it is important to note that if we invert the sentence this way, you must use a comma after the introductory part of the sentence. Punctuation and using commas is covered in the punctuation lesson of this course.

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