Video: Sentence structure


When deciding how to plan your essay, you need to follow the same rules as you have seen for bar charts and line graphs regardless of how many charts there are. You need to present your ideas in a logical manner that can be followed easily. For this Task I, the most obvious way of dividing the information would be to plan for only two paragraphs. The first paragraph could cover 1950 and the second paragraph could cover 1990.

Remember, it is important to make comparisons within your paragraphs. For example, when writing about the percentage of travelers that visit Europe, you could say At just under 75 percent in 1950, the most visited continent was Europe. The phrase ‘the most visited’ shows that you are comparing this information to all the other information in the bar chart. Avoid overusing simple sentences such as ‘In 1950, 2% of people from the UK holidayed for more than four weeks’. This does not show you have made relevant comparisons as the instructions ask you to do.

Another example of a good comparison sentence is this. There was an inverse correlation between the increasing percentage of people who went abroad for over two weeks and the percentage who visited Europe. The words ‘inverse correlation between‘ again highlight you are comparing data, as does the word increasing.

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