Test your linking words for IELTS

Using linking words effectively and accurately is essential if you are looking for a good result in your IELTS test (they are part of the result you receive for cohesion and coherence).

Complete each sentence using one of the three options in the dropdown box.

1. Cigarettes are expensive., they are detrimental to your health.
Show answer The correct answer is MOREOVER because you are adding an additional reason why smoking is negative.

2. Governments spend a considerable amount of money on defence,neglecting areas such as healthcare.
Show answer The correct answer is WHILE because the two events are happening at the same time – they are concurrent.

3.politicians should be accountable for their actions, corruption can still be common.
Show answer The correct answer is ALTHOUGH because sometimes politicians are not made accountable for their actions.

4. An increasing number of businesses are going bankrupt,the rising level of unemployment.
Show answer The correct answer is HENCE because rising unemployment is the result of business going bankrupt.

5. Whales are an endangered species. Some groups believe we should still hunt them.
Show answer The correct answer is NEVERTHELESS. You cannot end a sentence on ‘despite’ and ‘as a result is not logical – if whales are endangered, they should not be hunted.

6. AIDS education was slow to begin with in some countries., epidemics are common in undeveloped countries.
Show answer The correct answer is CONSEQUENTLY because epidemics are the result of slow education about AIDS.

7. Gun-related homicides are widespread in the US., gun control seems as far off as ever.
Show answer The correct answer is EVEN SO. ‘So’ is wrong because that would suggest that homicides are the reason why gun control is far off (not logical) and ‘Even though’ is incorrect as this would have to begin the sentence (‘Even though gun-related homicides are widespread in the US, gun control seems as far off as ever.’).

8.tougher sentences, crime is still increasing.
Show answer The correct answer is IN SPITE OF – another of the other two options can be used to start the construction, and ‘as a result’ is not logical – crime should decrease because of tougher sentences.

9. France is predominantly Catholic,Britain is mainly Protestant.
Show answer The correct answer is WHEREAS. ‘In contrast’ cannot be used to combine ideas in one sentence (it needs to start a second sentence), and ‘thus’ would suggest that one country is Protestant because the other is Catholic, which is not logical.

10. The distance between Spain and Africa is less than ten kilometres;Spain has a problem controlling the influx of illegal immigrants.Show answer The correct answer is CONSEQUENTLY because illegal immigration is the result of being so close.

11. Some people work hard all their livesnever own their own houses.
Show answer The correct answer is YET because the sentence is highlighting that this is not what is expected or would be logical. People who work hard all their lives should own their own home.

12. Reports suggest academic performance in the west is in decline., results in Asia have been improving.
Show answer The correct answer is ON THE OTHER HAND because the sentences are comparing a rise in one place and a fall in another.


Over recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in international migration, often (a)political and economic pressures at home. As with many social issues, this has had both positive and negative effects, as can be seen in an analysis of both Sydney and Auckland. In Sydney, there are many areas which have been shaped by the cultures of other nationalities and ethnic groups making Australia their new home. There is an area steeped in the culture and tradition of the Chinese ((b)the name Chinatown), an area which has become so famous it even has its own website! With one quarter of the population being foreign immigrants, Auckland has (c)become very cosmopolitan, with representatives of over 35 nations living and working in or around New Zealand’s largest city. For both cities, this migration has had many advantageous effects. (d), dazzling arrays of different cuisines are available, from Indian curries to Turkish kebabs. (e)to food, such a multicultural mix exposes us to much more of a variety of different traditions, outlooks and languages. (f), we gain a much wider understanding of international cultures.

(g), with so many different perspectives in relatively close confinement, there are bound to be problems. Cultural communities develop, sometimes isolating themselves and importing their own sense of tradition and belief at the expense of the traditions of their new country. (h), racial suspicions can grow, often developing into tense situations.

To conclude, (i)the inevitable pressures inherent in such a variety of cultures, both Sydney and Auckland (j)remain good examples of cross-cultural toleration and understanding.

Show the correct answers A. As a result
B. Hence
C. Therefore
D. For instance
E. In addition
F. Consequently
G. However
H. Moreover
I. Despite
J. Nevertheless

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