Video: Task 2 types – Giving an opinion / challenging a point of view


We have looked at finding the essay type, the direct question and whether the title is open or closed. Now we will look at how this information helps us to get ideas for our essay and organise these ideas into paragraphs. We will begin by looking at the importance of the essay type. Knowing the essay type is important because we present our arguments differently for different types of essays. Thinking about this when we are looking for ideas will help us stay focused when brainstorming. Let’s consider the following examples. For essays which give or challenge an opinion it is a good idea to use this paragraph plan. We put the opinion we wish to support in paragraphs one and two, it is useful to start with your strongest point. In paragraph 3 we introduce some opposing arguments to show we have given a balanced point of view. We will practice this and other aspects of organising your paragraphs later.

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