Video: Facts and opinions


Remember that in Task 2, you are required to Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge and experience. This means that although your essay may contain facts, it should also contain opinions. In academic writing, the way you present a fact is often slightly different to the way you present opinions. Look at these examples of a fact and an opinion: One fact is that some children spend time alone playing computer games. We can present this as a fact because it is common knowledge. However, if we add an opinion to this we need to phrase it slightly differently. For example, this is likely to affect their ability to communicate on a social level or It could be argued that this affects their ability to communicate on a social level. The words in italics show that we are presenting the statement as an opinion, not a fact. If we present the opinion as a fact – This affects their ability to communicate on a social level – then the sentence becomes too dogmatic. In the IELTS test, you can demonstrate a better control of English by avoiding being dogmatic.

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