Review of tips for writing an introduction


Giving an indication of what you are going to write about
This is a good idea. It shows the examiner that your essay will be cohesive and coherent.

Giving a brief history of the topic
This is not a good idea. You have only 250 words to present your ideas, and giving a history of the topic is not what the task asks you to do.

Writing more than 65 words
This is not a good idea. On average, a good introduction is between thirty and forty words. If you write much more than that then you will not have enough time or words to complete your main paragraphs.

Using vocabulary from the question
This is not a good idea. Rephrasing words from the title will give you a better score. Simply copying will not demonstrate your ability to the examiner. However, only rephrase the title when you are sure the words you are using will express the same meaning.

Giving a general statement about the topic in the first sentence
This is a good idea. It demonstrates to the examiner that you have understood the topic and task.

Using introductory phrases like ‘In modern society’ and ‘Nowadays’
This is not a good idea. These words have been so overused that native speakers rarely use them in academic writing.

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