The structure of the PTE test

The structure of the PTE testThe structure of the PTE test is fairly straight forward. First of all, the test is divided into 3 sections. You begin with PART 1: Speaking and Writing, then Part 2: Reading and finally Part 3: Listening. However, it is important not too focus too much on the names of each part of the test as they are misleading. For example, in Part 1 (Speaking and Writing), you are ALSO required to read short texts AND listening to recordings of up to 90 seconds.

The structure of the PTE is best explained using a table format.

SECTION Time (approximate) Number of different question types (PTE calls these ‘Items’)
Part 1: Speaking and Writing 77–93 minutes 8 question types
Part 2: Reading 32–41 minutes 5 question types
Part 3: Listening 45–57 minutes 8 question types

Understanding the structure of the PTE test means know about each of the question types used. Each question typed is presented in this free PTE course, but you can also use the links below to find out more, read model answers and take practice exercises.