Understanding PTE Part 1 Item type 6 – Answer a short question

What you have to do for this question type:

For this part of the PTE test, you need to listen to a question, then give an answer to the question you heard. You may also seen an image on the screen to help you, but don’t rely on seeing one!

Task length and timing:

Each question you hear is only 3 to 9 seconds long, and you need to respond straight away. If there is a period of silence that lasts 3 seconds, the recording will stop. You will be asked between 10 and 12 questions in total.

More information:

A very important point to keep in mind is that you only get to hear the question once, and as soon as the question has finished you should give your answer immediately – you will NOT hear a tone or beep to tell you when to start your answer. If there is a period of 3 seconds of silence after the question has finished, the recording will stop and you will zero points for this question.

Another important point is that the answer does not need to be long or extended – you will not get any more points for saying more than you need to. Marks are awarded for a short, accurate answer. There are no additional marks for adding more words.

This section of the PTE test is mostly testing your ability to respond accurately and at a normal pace. It relies heavily on your vocabulary, so improving your range of vocabulary is extremely important.

The scoring for this question type:

This question tests your abilities in listening, speaking and vocabulary, and no partial credit is awarded – that means your answer is either right or wrong and you get no points for a partly correct answer.