Understanding PTE Part 2 Item type 5 Multiple choice single answer

What you have to do for this question type:

You will need to read a text and answer a multiple-choice question on the content or tone of the text. There is only one correct answer. For this task, you are judged on your ability to analyze, interpret and evaluate a short reading text on an academic subject.

Task length and timing:

The text could be up to 300 words. You will have to answer multiple choiuce questions on 2 or 3 texts.

You will need to select one answer from several possible options. The answer that you need to find may be an answer to actual question, or it may be that you need to select a word to complete a sentence that describes the text.

To select your answer, you need to click on it using the left button on your mouse. The option you select is highlighted in yellow. To change your answer, left-click on the option again to deselect it, or left-click on a different option.

The scoring for this question type:

This question type affects the scoring of reading. Your response is scored as either correct or incorrect. No credit is given for no response or an incorrect response, so that’s 1 point for a correct answer and 0 points for an incorrect or missing answer.

Useful tips:

  • Look for the key words in the question you need to answer or the sentence you need to complete about the text before you read the text itself.
  • If you find the key words in the question or incomplete sentence first, it will tell you what information you need to find in the text. This means you can save time reading the whole text but instead can focus on finding the answer more quickly.
  • Next look at the answer options that you are given. These may be words, phrases or sentences.
  • Before you read the text see if you can decide whether any of them are unlikely to be correct, or likely to be correct.
  • If when you read the text you cannot confirm your response, choose the option that you think is most likely to be correct.