PTE listening dictation exercise 1

For free PTE listening practice 1, we will look at dictation questions. For this question type, you need to listen to a short recording and type what you hear. The sentences are between 10 and 15 words long, and if you prefer you can make notes before typing in your answer (the better choice if you are a slow typist!).

The key with this question type is to remain relaxed and rely on your short term memory. Most people cannot type or write at the speed you will hear the sentence, but if you repeat what you hear over and over to yourself as you are writing, you will find it easier to retain the whole sentence.

It is also very important to re-read the sentence after you have typed it – look carefully for typing errors and that it is grammatically accurate.

The instructions for dictation questions are simple:

You will hear a sentence. Type the sentence in the box exactly as you hear it. Write as much of the sentence as you can. You will only hear the sentence once.

Now try this practice exercise to see if you’re ready for this section of the PTE listening test.

Free PTE listening practice 1 Dictation

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