Understanding PTE Part 3 Listening Item 8 Write from dictation

The eighth question type you need to complete in the PTE listening test is the write from a dictation question type.

What you have to do for this question type:

With this type of question, you are judged on your ability to understand and remember a short sentence you hear and then write it down (type it). You will need to type the sentence exactly as you hear it and you must spell the words correctly.

Task length and timing:

An audio that is 3-5 seconds long will play automatically and you will only be able to listen once. You will have to listen to 3 or 4 audio recordings for this question type.

More information:

You can take notes on the erasable notepad while you listen to the recording.

The scoring for this question type:

This question type affects your listening and writing score. You will score points for every correct word you type in the response box. If all the words you type are right and are spelled correctly, you will get the maximum score points. If one or more words are incorrect, partial credit scoring applies.

Useful tips:

  • When the recording has finished you will need to type your answer into the response box. Think carefully about your spelling!
  • If you have problems remembering the order you heard the words in, use your grammar knowledge to make sure the completed sentence is grammatically correct.