PTE speaking aloud exercise 1

PTE Speaking practice 1PTE Speaking practice 1 – the second part of the PTE speaking test will require you to speak aloud. First, you are given some time to read the text and prepare to speak (30 to 40 seconds, depending on how the long the text is).

The text itself can be up to 60 words long. You will see a countdown on the screen telling you how long you have to prepare. When you hear a short beep, you should start talking. You will have approximately 35 seconds to read the text (at normal speed, the text takes less than 20 seconds to say).

Be aware that after 3 seconds of silence, the recording will automatically stop. You will NOT be able to record the section a second time.

Here’s an example text:

In countries where voting is not compulsory, many members of the population who are entitled to vote do not exercise their rights and do not go to polling stations on election day. Numerous reports from various countries around the world suggest that fewer voters are turning out for elections than in the past.

This is a model response:



Key points to note:

  1. Notice where the use of the comma in the first sentence causes the speaker to pause slightly.
  2. Listen to the slight stress of important qualifying words like ‘many’ and ‘fewer’.
  3. Try to emulate (copy) the falling intonation at the end of the speaking (than in the past), which indicates that the speaker has finished.

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