Vocabulary for talking about emotions

Vocabulary for talking about emotionsIn this section of the course, we will look at vocabulary for talking about emotions, as well as some common expressions used. Being able to express yourself using a wider and more accurate level of vocabulary is very important and can significantly improve your ability to communicate in English.

For example:

  • “John was happy with his gift.” This is quite neutral, and doesn’t really show much excitement of enthusiasm.
  • “John was ecstatic with his gift.” This is a lot more positive, shows a much stronger feeling of excitement and is a better word to use to show that he was VERY happy.

In the pages below, you will find lessons and exercises to really help improve your vocabulary for talking about emotions.

Also make sure to review stative verbs, as verbs expressing emotion DO NOT use the +ing form (I love you NOT I am loving you, for example).

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