CEFR Level C1 list 1 vocabulary exercises

CEFR Level C1 list 1 vocabulary exercisesBefore you take the practice test below, make sure you have looked through CEFR Level C1 vocabulary list 1.
See how many you can complete! The first 2 letters of each word are given – all you need to do is decide which word best suits the context .
1. In many cities, the council is tr old, run down industrial areas into new apartment complexes, shops and parks.
Show me the answer


2. In countries like Japan, natural resources such as coal and oil are sc, so they need to be imported from other countries.
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3. Jo has a re for making good business deals.
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4. The police are trained to handle highly vo situations.
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5. The company regularly measures its output and delivery times in order to _____________ the exact level of efficiency.
Show answer ASSESS (not ‘approximate’ because the sentence states ‘the exact level’
[/expand] 6. Every individual should in some positive way to the society in which they live.
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