CEFR Level C2 list 2 vocabulary exercises

CEFR Level C2 list 2 vocabulary exercisesBefore you take the practice test below, make sure you have looked through CEFR Level C2 vocabulary list 2.
See how many you can complete! The first 2 letters of each word are given – all you need to do is decide which word best suits the context .
1. Many governments are not willing to ban the sale of tobacco because of the significant re generated from tax.
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2. Wealth and resources should be al evenly rather than having such divides between rich and poor.
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3. He was ap about meeting her for the first time, but they ended up having a great time.
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4. A rebel is defined as someone who does not co to the rules and restrictions of everyday society.
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5. Adding a little salt to your food while cooking can often en the flavour.
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6. I failed my last assignment because my work did not meet all of the cr required for a pass grade.
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7. The presentation she gave was very co; I could understand all of her ideas.
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8. Herbal medicines are seen by some to be an ideal co to medicine prescribed by their doctors.
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