IELTS Life Skills A2 Speaking and Listening

IELTS Life Skills – A2 Speaking and Listening 20 minutes

The following information shows the focus of the IELTS Life Skills – A2 Speaking and Listening test and the types of tasks that you may need to complete.


  • listening and responding to spoken language, including straightforward information, short narratives, explanations and instructions
  • communicating information, feelings and opinions on familiar topics
  • talking with one or more people in a familiar situation, to establish shared understanding about familiar topics.

Tasks may include the following:

  • describing
  • giving opinions
  • giving personal information
  • stating preferences
  • commenting
  • asking for information or descriptions
  • agreeing and disagreeing
  • explaining, giving reasons or justifying
  • deciding
  • suggesting
  • selecting
  • comparing
  • prioritising
  • planning
  • persuading


Link to British Council examples:

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