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With a free membership, you can keep a clear track of your progress. Every lesson you study, every page you complete and every test or exercise you try will be marked, so you know what percent of our courses you have completed and what you still have left to study. That means you can make the most out of our site easily, without repeating resources you’ve already completed, and you can keep track of your scores as you take practice tests.

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With a free membership, you can comment on our pages and get an answer from our team when you have problems or want to ask questions. All of the contributors to the site have over 15 years experience teaching English around the world, and we are also former IELTS examiners.

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You get updates when we add new content, so you can be first to know about new exercises, practice tests and resources. That way you can keep updating your English skills, whether it is for exam purposes like IELTS or PTE or just to improve your general English. NOTE: if you don’t want to receive or newsletters updates, that’s no problem – you don’t need to have them to create your free membership.

4. Focus only on what matters to you

With a free membership, you can study the courses that are useful to you, and not waste your time looking at resources for exams you are not taking or subjects that are not relevant to you. You can also request lessons on issues that you think would help you improve your language skills.

5. It’s absolutely free!

All of the resources on this site have taken us years to put together, and we hope to create a place where anyone can come to improve their language skills regardless of where you are or what your income is. The main focus of this site is to offer high quality, free resources – we will never sell or share your information with ANYONE!

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