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Describe a place you would love to visit

Describe a place you would love to visit.

You should say:

  • where it is
  • what you can do there
  • what is special about it.

You should also say why you would like to go there more than anywhere else.


Well, I love travelling so there are many places I would really like to go to, but perhaps the place I would love to go to most is the South Island. I’ve been in New Zealand for nearly two years and I still haven’t been. The only time I could have gone was last Christmas, but it’s more expensive at that time of year. As for the things you can do there, the list is endless. There are the Sounds – you know, Milford Sound, Marlborough Sound. You can go on a boat tour across quite a few of them. Then there are all the extreme sports. I think the South Island is the first place bungy jumping was set up commercially.

Ideally, I’d love to rent a car and just drive around, stopping to do some of those sports. I much prefer to drive rather than go by bus because you can decide where you want to stay and how long for. As for what makes it special, that’s easy if you’ve seen The Lord of the Rings movies – the scenery! It must be one of the last remaining unspoilt areas on earth! I hope that doesn’t change.

I suppose that’s why it would be the place I want to visit more than anywhere else – because it probably won’t stay like that forever. Just to take a tent and some food, drive around and then camp when it gets dark – that sounds like a perfect place to visit to me.


Describe a place you would love to visit

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Describe a place you would love to visit