Ending a Task 1 letter

Ending a Task 1 letter

How you end a Task 1 letter depends on whether it was written in a formal, semi-formal or informal style. First, let’s briefly review formal, semi-formal and formal Task 1 examples.

Ending a Task 1 letterFormal: writing a job application letter, making a complaint to a company
Semi-formal: writing a letter to your teacher, booking a hotel room
Informal: writing to a friend or neighbour

Now let’s look at how the different levels of formality (register) determine the ending of the letter.

Ending a formal letter

Most formal letters end with either ‘Yours sincerely’ or ‘Yours faithfully’. Make sure you use the correct one! You should use ‘Yours sincerely’ if you have written the name of the person you are writing to, and yours faithfully if you didn’t use a name. To illustrate:

‘Dear Mr Smith’ > ends with > ‘Yours sincerely’

‘Dear Sir or Madam’ > ends with > ‘Yours faithfully’


Ending a semi formal letter

Semi-formal letters often in a shorter phrase or even a single word. For example ‘With thanks’ or just ‘Thanks’.


Ending an informal letter

The ending of informal letters often depends on the topic of the letter. For example, if you were writing to a friend who is coming to visit you soon, you could say this:

Anyway, looking forward to seeing you!


Or if the letter was about thanking a friend for something they did for you, you could say

Well, thanks again for your help,


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