Free IELTS listening test 2 Section 4

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Free IELTS listening test 2 Section 4

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Free IELTS listening test 2 Section 4Note: all of the question types, timings and pauses between recordings in this free online IELTS listening test are EXACTLY what you can expect in the IELTS test. Our free online material has been designed to emulate the IELTS test as accurately as possible in every aspect.

Looking for even more listening practice tests? Our online course has over 10 hours of recordings, and your answers are automatically marked and graded by our online system.

We strongly recommend that you do not pause the recording during this practice test – the exact timing you will have in the IELTS test is already built in, so pausing the recording will not give you an accurate idea of your level.

If you’re having problems with Section 4, take a look at our pages on Tips for getting a better result in Section 4


Section 4:


Questions 31-40

Question 31

Circle the correct answer A–C.

31 The students are expecting

  1. to hear a lecture on overpopulation
  2. Mr Mackenzie
  3. a guest speaker

     Show answerC – the speaker told the class on Monday that the lecture on overpopulation was cancelled as they have a guest speaker.

Questions 32 to 36

Complete the table below using TWO WORDS OR A NUMBER.

42 million adults (32)   
50 million adults have the reading ability of a (33)      year-old.
Increasing by around (34)      and a quarter million per year.
Illiteracy costs
Unemployment Unrealised earnings Literacy programmes
cost (in billions of US dollars) (35)$       237 (36)$     

32. Show answerCannot read

33. Show answer10

34. Show answer2

35. Show answer6

36. Show answer10

Question 37

Circle the appropriate letter A–D.

37. Illiteracy is increasing because many young learners are

  1. not being taught how to break words into sounds
  2. given word lists which are too long
  3. not challenged enough in the classroom.

    Show answerA

Questions 38 to 40Complete the summary below USING NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS.

English is made up of 26 letters, with 44 (38)    and 70 ways of (39)   . Unsuccessful teaching practices persist, however, because reading is (40)    .

38. Show answerSounds

39. Show answerSpelling / spelling sounds

40. Show answerBig business (both words needed to get the correct answer)


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