Free IELTS listening test 3 Section 4

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Free IELTS listening test 3 Section 4

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Section 4:


Questions 31 and 32. Complete the following sentence using ONE WORD.

31. East feels    therapy is a better word than ‘alternative’.

 Show answerNatural 32.Osteopathy involves the manipulation of    in order to remove stresses and strains.

 Show answerMuscles


Questions 33-36. Answer the following questions using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

According to Matthew East,
33. what must be considered when treating a patient?

    Show answer(the) Whole body 34. what was the original cause of the baby’s discomfort?

    Show answerA difficult birth 35. How does East describe the use of drugs and operations?

    Show answerInvasive 36. According to East, what is the percentage cost of natural remedies compared to western medicine?

    Show answer10%


Questions 37-38. Circle the correct letter A-C

37. East believes western medicine
A. is not suitable for the young
B. has not had sufficient trials
C. is overly influenced by pharmaceutical companies

    Show answerC


38. Natural remedies
A. are sometimes used indiscriminately
B. can be used with patients of any age
C. do not affect diet or lifestyle

    Show answerB


Questions 39-40. Answer the following questions using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS

39. What examples does East give for the benefits of western medicine?

    Show answerEmergency surgery 40. Who is next week’s guest?

    Show answerDr Moore



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Interviewer: Over the past 50 years, there have been some radical changes in medicine as it is known in the west. This is largely the result of vast improvements in technology, but also in the rising importance of ‘alternative’ treatments. I have with me today Matthew East, a registered osteopath and a supporter of alternative techniques in healthcare. Matthew, can you tell us more about osteopathy?


Matthew East: Well, perhaps the first thing say is that the term ‘alternative’ is actually a little misleading, as I am referring to approaches and attitudes to health that were in common use long before western medicine was established. I prefer the term ‘natural’. Anyway, I’ll begin by telling you a little about osteopathy. Basically, osteopathy is the manipulation of muscles in order to alleviate stresses and tensions that lead to pain. Now, unlike western medicine, osteopathy considers the whole body, not just the affected area, and this is a very important principle of natural remedies.


The whole body must be considered before a course of treatment can be decided upon. You see, the aim of therapies like osteopathy is not only to repair the body, but also to get the body treating itself, and this does not come from treating the symptoms. To give an example, l recently treated a two-month-old baby who was screaming all day and was even worse at night. The couple had taken the baby to their doctor, but the only advice they were given was that the baby ‘would grow out of it’. However, the real problem stemmed from a difficult birth which put pressure on their baby’s neck. After ten minutes of gentle manipulation the pressure was released and within 20 minutes, the baby was quiet and calm for the first time. This was achieved without drugs or operations. Avoiding such invasive methods of treatment highlights another of the differences between western medicine and a more natural approach. You see, western medicine often uses surgery in order to find a solution to problems that could have been addressed with simple remedies. A medical approach that looks closely at how essential an operation is before it is performed would offer patients a considerably less stressful method of treatment, not to mention the financial savings. Natural remedies actually amount to about ten per cent of the cost of a western course of treatment.


I’d like to mention the subject of surgery again a little later, but l would like to say at this point that there are those that claim that the benefits of osteopathy and herbal therapies are largely psychological, that they have not undergone the clinical trials that pharmaceuticals have. To answer that, you only need to look at the example l gave earlier, of the baby that stopped crying less than an hour after treatment but was obviously far too young to react because of purely psychological factors. Another example can be seen in the successful use of acupuncture in the treatment of animals.

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In response to criticism regarding clinical trials, it is worth noting that the power of pharmaceutical companies is such that although some drugs fail the standards required of them, they are sometimes still prescribed by doctors.


Moving on to another point, it should be stressed that natural remedies, in addition to having no side effects, can also be applied to any patient. Now I’m not suggesting that the same treatments are used indiscriminately. Although natural remedies can be used with any age group, the treatment selected is very specific to the person. By this I mean that not only the general health of the patient needs to be considered, but also their habits, diet and lifestyle in order to build a complete picture.


However, I am not suggesting that we should reject western medicine entirely. In fact, there have been occasions when I have referred patients to their doctor as I felt that in those cases it was the most suitable course of action. There are many situations in which it is by far the best option. Take emergency surgery, for example. Obviously more natural remedies do not provide the speed required in such cases. The best solution would therefore be an open-minded combination of the two forms.


Interviewer: Well, thank you very much, Matthew. That was a very interesting insight into alternative… sorry… natural, treatments. Next week we’ll be inviting Dr Moore that’s M-O-O-R-E onto the programme to argue his case as a doctor. Until next week, then, goodbye.


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