Free IELTS speaking tests

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Free IELTS speaking tests

Free IELTS speaking testsFrom this page, you will find links to our free IELTS reading tests.
Getting the result you need in the IELTS speaking test requires a lot of practice, as well as understanding the common pitfalls and mistakes many candidates make. By working through the material on this site, you’ll be fully prepared with no surprises on test day!
Think you need more support? Our complete online course includes a Skype discussion for Gold and Diamond Plan members, where we can give you direct feedback on your speaking!

Our free IELTS speaking tests


*Note that the listening test is the same for the General Training and Academic Module test

There are three parts to the IELTS speaking test, with the whole test taking between 11 and 14 minutes. The test is recorded. At the beginning of the test (before the official test has begun) the examiner will read some details into the recorder (date, name of test centre, candidates name etc). Then the real test begins. Note, however, that it is human nature for the examiner to begin the assessment from the time you meet, so a brief ‘Hello’ or ‘Are you having a busy day?’ as you are walking to the test room will give a good first impression.
Want to know more about the IELTS speaking test? Take a look here to read about the the three parts of the test, or take a look at this page for all of our lessons, tips, hints and model answers.

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