Labelling a diagram in the listening test

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Labelling a diagram

One of the question types that you may face in the IELTS listening test is when you are required to label a diagram, map or plan. Typically you will be given an illustration with some labels already in place, but others you need to add as you listen to the recording.
One useful hint is that the answers in the listening test always come in order, so in the example below, the first answer you can expect to hear is the answer to question 1, then question 2, then question 3 etc.
It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the other labels already given, and to think about how the other parts of the diagram, map or plan which you are required to label may be described.
Practice by taking this short example below (this is an extract from a Section 2 IELTS speaking test). Start the recording, then type your answers into the boxes below. Click ‘Check your answers’ to see if you are correct.
labelling a diagram
Click here to check your answers

  1. Water level light
  2. Boiler metre (or Boiler meter)
  3. Steam tap
  4. Drainage pipe

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