Linking words for IELTS writing

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Linking words for IELTS writingSo, yet and because are three basic examples of linking words –
words which allow you to put together ideas either through contrast,
comparison, example, cause, effect or sequence. Good use of
linking words makes your writing flow better and sound more

Here are some more examples of linking words

  1. Illegal immigrants continue to arrive in the country in spite of stricter government measures.
  2. In addition to having a lot of money, he is very good-looking.
  3. The level of English continues to be a problem amongst migrant workers. As a result, many
    companies have begun insisting on an IELTS result of at least 6.0.
  4. Building a road here will destroy an area of great natural beauty. Furthermore, nobody is really insupport of it.
  5. Not only is the tourist situation deteriorating, it is also spreading to other industries.

The linking words and phrases below are grouped in different categories.

Time in the meantime / meanwhile / while
(talking about similarities)
likewise / in the same way / equally
(talking about differences)
whereas / in contrast / on the other hand / nevertheless
Examples for example / for instance / to illustrate
Cause and effect consequently / hence / thus / as a result
(admitting another point of view)
although it may be true / granted / admittedly
(describing the order of something)
following which / subsequently / afterwards
(giving more information)
moreover / furthermore / in addition / not only … (but) also

Tips and hints for using linking words in IELTS writing

Some linking words are used at the beginning of a sentence, some in the middle. Some linking words need a comma after them, while others don’t. Some linking words are considered in IELTS to be ‘academic’ and others are too common. Using linking words accurately is essential to getting a good result.

Now practice!

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