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Model answers for giving personal information in the PTE test


Here are some model answers for giving personal information in the PTE test. Remember to change the information for what is true for you!

Giving personal information example 1:

Hello, My name is Marie Moinet, I’m a 25 year old teacher from Paris in France. I’m currently living and working in Paris but would love to move to London, so I need PTE Academic for immigration visa purposes. I love sight-seeing, especially visiting art galleries and museums, and I have been lucky enough to visit the Louvre on multiple occasions.

Giving personal information example 2:

Good morning, My name is Louise Chen, I’m from Shanghai, China and I’m 21 years old. I have just completed a degree in business, and now I need to pass PTE Academic for my student visa so I can continue my studies with a Masters in London. I;m really looking forward to studying in a different country! In my spare time I enjoy going to the cinema and reading romance novels.

Giving personal information example 3:

Hi, I’m Sam Lam, I was born in Hong Kong and I’m 30 years old. I’m an architect and I have been given a job offer overseas. To apply for the immigration visa, I need to pass PTE Academic, which I’m really hoping to do first time. I love travelling, so I’m excited about the opportunity to live in a different country.


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