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Multiple choice multiple answer exercise 2


Free PTE reading practice  – Multi choice multi answer

Free PTE reading practice 14For this free PTE reading practice, we will look at multiple questions which have choice multiple answers. For this question type, you are given a text up to 300 words long, and will need to select which of the statements are true based on what you have read. There are always at least 2 correct answers from 5 possible options. You need to select all the answers that are correct.

Here’s a practice exercise to test your skills this with PTE question type.

It is easy to have a simple understanding of air pollution, as we can see trucks and buses trailing black exhaust fumes, factory chimneys belching columns of thick sooty smoke and knowing that the family car is spewing deadly gases such as carbon monoxide. Science is now focusing on more complex issues of air pollution with a view to better understanding the effects; specifically working on reducing the harmful impact of ‘Particulate Matter’ contamination. Particulate Matter is the microscopic mixture of solid and liquid particles and droplets in the atmosphere, referred to as ‘aerosol’, or the ‘particulate/air mixture’, which can arise due to a natural source or because of anthropogenic influences, meaning from human activity. Naturally occurring particulate matter can be ash, dust or sea-spray, while that generated by human activity, includes the by-products of the combustion of solid and liquid fuels, as in the generation of power, for example, for vehicles or electricity.


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