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PTE Part 1 Item type 1 – Giving personal information


What you have to do for PTE Part 1 Item type 1 – Giving personal information:

PTE Part 1 Item type 1 - Giving personal informationFor PTE Part 1 Item type 1 – Giving personal information, you are required to provide some personal information about yourself. The good news is that this section of the test is not scored. However, whatever is recorded here is submitted (along with your test results) to the institution you are applying to, so it can have an impact on whether you are accepted or not.

Task length and timing:

You are given 25 seconds to prepare your response, and will then be recorded for up to 30 seconds.

More information:

Give information about yourself based on a number of prompts. These prompts will vary a little between tests, but here are some points you may need to cover:

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Name of your city and country
  • Your profession
  • Place of work/study
  • Purpose of attempting PTE Academic (immigration or higher education)
  • Your hobbies or interests

Useful techniques:

With only 30 seconds to speak, you cannot afford to hesitate or spend too much time constructing your sentences. Make notes using the notepad you are given so you remember key points, and practice giving your response as many times as you can before test day. Although there are some variations between the prompts, they cover the same basic ground of giving personal information.

We hope this first page on PTE Part 1 Item type 1 – Giving personal information has helped. On the next page, you will look at how to combine your responses to these prompts.


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