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Quick practice exercise for understanding new vocabulary


Quick practice exercise for understanding new vocabularyNow use the skills presented on the previous page. Read the sentences below – what do you think the words in italics mean?

A. English football supporters are often accused of being hooligans, although the majority are actually well-behaved fans who have no intention of causing trouble.

B. Although it can be a little expensive, thermal clothing is essential when skiing.

C. Pilates, a form of exercise, is becoming increasingly popular.

D. Children from impoverished families rarely have overseas holidays or modern toys.

E. When climbing Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary experienced some of the world’s harshest natural dangers, such as freezing weather, sudden snowstorms, and even avalanches.

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A: Hooligans – not well behaved fans / do intend to cause trouble
B: Thermal – warm clothing
C: Pilates – a form of exercise
D: Impoverished – lack of money, poor (something that prevents overseas holidays or modern toys)
E: Avalanches – snow and ice sliding down a mountain

No matter what skills you apply, you may find a word or words that you still do not understand. If this happens, do not panic. Take a guess and move on. Do not spend too much time trying to work it out. It has been scientifically proven that the human brain is unable to process more than 20 new words at a time before it starts to forget some.

The best thing to do is to write 10 new words with a definition and an example sentence in a pocket-sized notebook and have it with you at all times. Waiting for the bus, sitting in a café or just relaxing at home – these are all good opportunities to quickly take out the notebook and revise. When you are sure you are familiar with these words, write down 10 more and start again. Once a week, review all the vocabulary you have written in your notebook.


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